Do not worry that you are doing a particular thing right or wrong. LinkedIn has a to-do list that will show you what is remaining and what is already done.

Working on LinkedIn is not similar to your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Here, every single interaction is a business oriented one starting right from your profile. Your profile is your business card.

Business owners need to fill in only the relevant material on their profile, including their other social media accounts, websites and/ or blogs and any other important details. Your dog’s birthday is not something you include on your profile.

When it comes to creating a company page, LinkedIn has a wizard to help you do it. Think Merlin, but for LinkedIn. Begin by keying in basic info about the business such as a description, number of workforce and the particular industry it serves. Keep all this as brief as a paragraph. You need to be smart here. Take advantage of your SEO knowledge by using keywords relevant to your industry. This will help your LinkedIn page have a higher ranking whenever a curious customer looks for services related to your industry.

The LinkedIn wizard will then prompt you to upload your logo, location(s) and your blog’s RSS feed. Once you have completed all its commands, your page will be ready to be viewed by anyone on this platform.

This is when things start to really get fun on LinkedIn. All your information is analyzed and displayed making you visible in their search engine, in your industry and to potential clients and partners.
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