This is the question that Neil Patel brought up in a recent blog post. His post, which was titled How to become a top 100 Digg user, discussed what it takes to become a top 100 Digg user. The post revolved around the experiences of a Digg user known as aaaz. aaaz, whom Neil either knows or was able to interview, became a top 100 Digg user in thirty days. In less than three months, he become the fourth highest rated user on Digg. However, after all of the time that he put into achieving this ranking,. aaaz is retiring from Digg. Although this may seem shocking, aaaz himself admits that achieving this kind of status requires a ridiculous amount of time, and in his opinion, the sacrifices are not worth the benefits.

So what are some of the benefits that go along with being a top 100 Digg user? Instead of looking at a list of benefits, lets see what you do not receive for being a top 100 Digg user. For starters, Digg does not provide any monetary compensation to any of its users. Although it is well known that people are willing to pay top Digg users to get their story to the front page of Digg, several highly ranked users have been banned in recent weeks for accepting these payments.

Even though getting your site onto the front page of Digg will cause a huge spike in traffic, this does will not translate into any long-term benefits for your web site. Unless you appear regularly on Digg, those huge traffic spikes are nothing more than a burden on your server. It seems like the best way to get on Digg regularly would be to achieve a high rating and then Digg yourself, but several studies have shown that the Digg community will catch on to this kind of activity.

So, once again, what are the benefits of being a top 100 Digg user? In reality, unless you feel a sense of satisfaction from wasting time or having lots of Digg friends, there are no major benefits to being a top 100 Digg user. In my opinion (and the opinion of many others), the time that it takes to complete this task far outweighs any potential benefits.
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